Grown in the traditional of Thailand, we used all of herbs and spices to make real taste of Thai food, we hope you enjoy our foods and have a great time with your family and your love one at Rama Thai Cafe.

• Traditional Thai recipes  

• Spice levels to fit any taste  

• Fresh meats and vegetables  

• The finest herbs and spices


Specialties Straight
from Thailand

  • Tom Yum & Tom Kha
  • Golden Bag & Coconut Fried Prawn
  • Fried Rice
  • Gapraw
  • Pad See ew or Pad Thai
  • Red, Green, Yellow, Masaman Curry
  • Larb, Nam Sod, & Seafood Salad
  • Duck and Seafood
  • Satay & Spring Rolls
  • Chef Special